Full Video of Chokoleit’s Last Performance in Abra

Comedian Chokoleit seemed to be struggling as he performed for the Abrenian Kawayan Festival 2019 on Saturday night, Marso 9, in Abra Sports Complex, Bangued, Abra. While he delivered his lines perfectly, he appeared to be out of breath for most of his performance.

He praised the audience for being supportive and the set as being one of the best stages he had performed in, but this performance would turn out to be his last.

In the video, though Chokoleit appears to be struggling to breathe, he remained a professional performer who knew the show must go on despite what he was feeling.

Photo credit: Chokoleit Facebook

He was standing and holding the microphone for most of the performance, except in the parts where he had to sit down to deliver a joke, yet the video later shared on social media showed that he was really having a difficult time throughout his part of the show.

While he praised the audience and thanked them for their support, Chokoleit wasn’t as energetic as one might expect for the comedian.

Mas masarap palang ang performer ay nakakarinig agad ng masigabong palakpakan para ganahan ang performer! Ganun! Ganyan! Totoo ‘yan, malaking bagay ang palakpak. Nakakaganang magtrabaho pag may palakpak…” Chokoleit told the crowd.

As usual, Chokoleit joked about his appearance and how the people at the back certainly think he’s ‘beautiful’; thus, he asked the audience in front to move to the back. LOL.

But a number of people believe he had a premonition of what is to come.

Akala, nagkamali kayong lahat. Siyempre, ako ang mauuna! Kasi kung ako huli, baka hindi ko na kayo abutan!” the comedian told the laughing audience. “So, ako nga pala si Chokoleit…

He was rushed to the hospital after the performance but, sadly, he didn’t survive.

People praised the comedian for remaining a professional as he delivered his comedy piece, yet many also wished he had stopped and asked for help even mid-performance as that might have saved his life.

On the show, he made people laugh with jokes mostly about himself. He told the audience how people would pronounce his name in different ways, depending on where they are from.

Sa Bohol, Diyos ko! First time ko sa Bohol, naloka ako… ang tawag sa akin ng mga tao doon, ‘Tablea! Tablea!’ Iyong iba, ‘Cocoa! Cocoa!’ Kulang na lang talaga, Cacao!” he joked.

With his audience clapping hard and laughing at his jokes, Chokoleit announced that he wants to put this on his IG story.

Kalokah! The best! Ia-IG story ko ito, asan na yung P.A. [production assistant] ko?! Kailangang naka-IG story ito,” he said.

Picture kayo nang picture, di naman ako naniniwala diyan. Ang daming nagpi-picture sa akin, wala naman akong nakitang nag-upload. Kalokohan ‘yan! Picture-picture! Pag nag-memory full, ako rin ang unang idi-delete…

While those were half-jokes, the people in that audience aren’t going to be deleting any of those photos now… They’re the lucky ones to have spent time with the comedian in his last hours.

Thanks for the laughs, Chokoleit!

Here’s his last performance in Abra:

Chokoleit’s last words are chilling. Still can’t believe how life just passes by. Hope this helps us appreciate life and our loved ones. RIP.

Posted by Carl Guevarra on Saturday, March 9, 2019

The full performance here:

Last Performance ni Chokoleit

Last performance ni Chokoleit bag-o siya namatay. Galisud na diay siya ug ginhawa sa stage pa lang.

Posted by Bisaya Pay Imo on Saturday, March 9, 2019

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