Fruit Seller Who Holds a PhD Surprises Everyone with Her Fluent English

A fruit seller in India surprises everyone with her fluent English and she would later reveal that she has a PhD! Netizens are quite amazed but also puzzled why someone with a PhD would choose to remain a fruit seller instead of finding a career relevant to her educational attainment…

Raeesa Ansari recently went viral for speaking fluent English as she led a market protest at her hometown in Indore, India. The fruit seller had her mango cart seized by authorities.

Photo credit: Twitter / @AkshayyySingh

But Raeesa really surprised everyone after saying she actually holds a PhD in Material Science and is a graduate of Physics! Wow. How did she even end up as a fruit seller with such an impressive profession?

According to Raeesa, she earned her PhD from Indore’s Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya back in 2011 but found herself unable to get a job, citing “prejudices against her community that are common these days”.

A Muslim, Raeesa said that she was not accepted in the institutions she applied to due to her religion and the fact that she is a woman. With the coronavirus affecting many institutions and companies these days, finding a job has become much harder.

The first question is: who will give the job to me? The perception that coronavirus is being generated from Muslims has become common now. Because my name is Raeesa Ansari, no college or research institution is willing to give me a job,” she said.

Photo credit: Twitter / @AkshayyySingh

Unable to find a job in line with her profession, Raeesa decided to go back to her roots and sell fruits. She inherited her father’s fruit shop; thus, she decided to simply focus on the family’s business as it had been thriving for over 65 years.

Recently, however, Raeesa and other vendors in local markets faced troubles with the authorities who wanted to shut down the markets amid virus concerns. They even confiscated her fruit cart as well as those of the other sellers.

At times, one side of the market is closed, the second one is shut by the administration; and there are hardly any buyers. What we are supposed to feed our families? I am selling fruits and vegetables here. People standing here are my family and friends. There are more than 20 members in the family,” Raeesa said.

How will they survive? How they will earn? There is no rush on the stall but still, these officials keep telling us to run away.

As one of the lead protesters, Raeesa really caught netizens’ attention! Her situation would soon reach her professors, with Dr Rajkumar Chauhan from the Physics Department saying that he recalls her as a brilliant student.

She was a bright student and used to study hard but I am not sure what prompted her to start working at her family’s shop,” the professor said.

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