From Airplanes to LPG Tanks, Flight Attendant Finds New Hope after Losing Job

A flight attendant sells LPG thanks after losing her job amid the COVID-19 crisis. She’s now pulling trolleys of LPG tanks to deliver to customers instead of bringing her trolley bags to the airplane. But this woman has inspired netizens to never give up…

As Lead Cabin Crew of Cebu Pacific Air, Maurice Maureen Avila enjoy having ‘wings’ and flying to various destinations. It was a job that she truly loved. She worked hard to reach this position, but the dream was suddenly cut off by the COVID-19 crisis.

Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

Like many others in the airline and tourism industry, Avila lost her job. She was among those who were affected by the second wave of retrenchment on Cebu Pacific Air. Losing her dream job devastated her so much that she spent the next 2 weeks just crying and barely even eating at all!

Concerned friends messaged her, asking whether she really lost her job, but she was too embarrassed to reply. She felt like she failed in life because she lost something that she had worked hard for.

Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

Yes. I am already unemployed. I am not a flight attendant anymore. And I don’t have the wings anymore…” Avila wrote on Facebook, sharing some photos from her days as flight attendant to what she currently does for a living: selling LPG.

It took me so long to accept and post this in social media. Madaming nagtatanong sakin pero hndi ko nirereplyan. Kase nahhiya ako. Kase feeling ko nagfail ako sa buhay.

For 2 weeks, she cried herself to sleep, woke up crying, and cried some more for almost the entire day.

Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

Gabi gabi tinatanong ko ang Diyos, ‘Bakit kailangan mong kunin yung pangarap na pinaghirapan ko?’ I am devastated for 2 weeks; nawalan ng gana kumain, iyak ng iyak kada kagabe, paggising sa umaga iiyak nnmn. Ang sakit sakit,” she shared.

But eventually, natanggap ko din naman. Bakit? Nasaktan ako. Pinaghirapan ko to. Pangarap ko to. Eto ang mundo ko. Eto ang bumubuhay samen ng pamilya ko.

After grieving over the lost job for 2 weeks, Avila began to accept the circumstances she was in. After all, she was not the only who lost their dream job amid the pandemic. With her boyfriend, Carl Anthony Beniga, Avila opened a business – and she’s now focused on growing this new venture instead of wallowing in grief over the job she lost.

Coming up stronger now, she has become an inspiration to many.

Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

“HINDI DAPAT IKAHIYA NA NATANGGAL KA SA TRABAHO. To others na nawalan din ng trabaho during this Pandemic, don’t lose hope. Narealize ko sa one and half month, na kahit anong gusto natin sa buhay kung hindi naman talaga yun ang plano ni Lord, kukunin at kukunin nya yun sayo,” she wrote in her post.

She’s enjoying her new business but remains hopeful that things will be back to normal and she could once again regain her wings and fly high… Good luck po!