#FriendshipGoals: Best Friends Since High School Become Doctors Together

They have been best friends since high school, but Joieanne Marie Macarubbo, Marie Clare Perez, and Jovine Martin recently inspired netizens after becoming doctors together! That’s real #FriendshipGoals for us…

Macarubbo shared the inspiring story of their journey together as they graduated from high school with dreams of becoming a doctor – to actually fulfilling that dream together by graduating at the same time from Med School. Isn’t that wonderful?

Photo credit: Joieanne Marie Macarubbo / Facebook

In her post on Facebook, Macarubbo recalls the beautiful moments of their friendship as they worked towards their common goal of becoming a doctor. What’s quite amazing is that they did not even talk about going to the same school yet found themselves in the same school in college and even in med school.

Netizens expressed amazement over their inspiring journey to becoming a doctor, knowing that they also managed to fulfill their dreams as they helped each other.

Photo credit: Joieanne Marie Macarubbo / Facebook

“I can still vividly remember the day we took the first photo. The foundation of our dreams. Year 2011, the year we graduated high school. Never have I imagined graduating together again with these two, neither have we talked about going in the same school.

We just found ourselves applying in the same college. We have gone through so much during the years, on the brink of failure, crying ourselves out almost every night, tired & restless especially during our clerkship, but never took quitting as an option.

Now, 9 years from that day, here we are, living our vision. Truly, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Wouldn’t have survived med school without you two ❤️ And of course the support of our dear parents ✨.

Photo credit: Joieanne Marie Macarubbo / Facebook