Friends Laugh at College Student Who Works as Laborer at the Market During Lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis made a lot of people lose their jobs. A lot of part-time workers were laid off but even permanent jobs were affected by the pandemic!

Amid the crisis, many of these who lost their jobs found a way to still earn money by finding other jobs, even if these are not related to their original career or profession. For example, one flight attendant decided to sell fish balls while flights are grounded.

Photo credit: Amazing Nara

Recently, a college student in Malaysia lost his part-time job during the COVID-19 crisis. But he did not want to go home or simply ask money from his parents because they are already old and sick. So, the guy tried his best to find another job during the lockdown.

When he learned that the wet market near his home needed laborers, the young man quickly applied for the job. He was happy with the daily wage of RM80 ($18.70) even if that meant he had to be at the market at 1AM.

The job was rather smelly and the manual labor was hard, but the young man was happy to earn money for himself. He did not mind the difficult job as long as he isn’t burdening his parents with his living expenses.

Photo credit: In.Malaysia

What’s sad, though, is that he soon discovered that other students are laughing at him behind his back. Apparently, some students saw him at the market and decided to laugh at him in a post on a Facebook group at their school.

Many laughed at me, asking if I was stupid for wanting to do the job that only a migrant worker would do when I’m a university student,” the young man shared.

Photo credit: The Star

But he did not mind the difficult job. He even defended the laborers, saying that they might be doing manual labor but they are earning honest money! Yes, the job is dirty, literally, yet the money is clean! It’s sad that the other privileged students think they are too entitled to think that a college student should not do a manual job…