Friends Bet Each Other Php25k to See Who Can Lose More Weight in 1 Month

More often than not, finding the right motivation is key to achieving something monumental – especially when it comes to losing weight. Many of us simply find it difficult to lose weight, especially because the really delicious food often have the highest calories! Sigh.

Two friends recently went viral after betting each other Php25k that they would lose more weight than the other after a month. While it is a rather expensive challenge, it did motivate them to try as hard as they could because the stakes were high! The result? Both lost a lot of weight!

Francis Angeles and Dang Alamazan often had talks about losing weight, but never really got around to seriously do this. What’s surprising is that Francis is actually part owner of several Anytime Fitness gyms and is the General Manager of the Village Sports Club.

Photo credit: Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook

At first, Francis had thought about the bet being Php12,500, but Dang insisted that they make it Php25,000 so that the prize will be higher – and the loss would be bigger! It was simply the best motivation the two had to win this weight loss challenge.

To make sure they would follow through with the challenge, they got their other friends to act as judges. According to When in Manila, their friend Olyn Kim made the two hand over a check for the bet before securing the pot and making sure that everything was done, fair and square.

Photo credit: Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook

Olyn and another friend, Lei Varona, acted as judges and motivators for the two. These two would often call the contestants, pushing them to strive harder to lose weight while also reminding them of the money they could win or lose in this friendly competition.

Mataba ka ba at mukha kang pera?? Try our 25,000 peso challenge, me and my friend Dang Almazan started with a joke of betting 25k of whomever can lose the most weight in a span of one and a half months. My friend Olyn Kim forced us to sign a check worth 25k, and dahil mukha kaming pera, we lost weight! It is very effective!! Thank you to my friends for this challenge!!!” Francis wrote on Facebook.

Can you guess who won the challenge? Francis did; though Dang’s weight loss percentage was actually not far behind.

Photo credit: Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook

  • Francis’ Starting Weight: 224.6 lbs / Final Weight: 196.6 lbs
  • Total weight lost: 28 lbs / Total body fat percentage lost: 12.5%

While Dang lost only about half the pounds that Francis did, the total body fat percentage lost was close to each other – and Francis won with just 1% higher fat loss than Dang.

  • Dang’s Starting Weight: 127.1 lbs / Final Weight: 112.5 lbs
  • Total weight lost: 14.6 lbs / Total Body Fat Percentage Lost: 11.5%

Photo credit: Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook

Despite losing in the challenge, Dang still came out a winner of sorts – after all, becoming healthier by losing weight is really a win in itself!

Photo credit: Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook

So, who wants to do this weight loss challenge?

Sources: When in Manila, Francis Rey Angeles / Facebook