FP’s Blind Item About Mom Who Wants Daughter’s Assets Transferred Before Wedding Goes Viral

In the showbiz industry, there remains a lot of stories that may or not be true. Stars may confirm or deny something, but a number of fans sometimes feel that their ‘official statement’ is not true. And then there are times when showbiz columnists simply write blind items – but avid fans know exactly who they are talking about!

Early this month, Fashion Pulis (FP) posted a blind item that would quickly go viral. And while it went viral that week, the post would be reposted this week in light of recent events. Fans believe they know who FP was talking about.

The blind item pertains to the “matrimonial ceremony of high-profile couple” wherein an elder, identified as the future bride’s mother, is giving everyone a headache. The woman reportedly refused to cooperate with the wedding planners, didn’t want to have her measurements taken as she might still become fat in the coming weeks, and wouldn’t give a video message to the couple because she finds that ‘corny’.

This woman and her husband wouldn’t cooperate with the processing of their visa applications for the wedding.

Photo credit: @sportshecklerrr – Twitter / Fashion Pulis

When the future bride finally tried to talk to her mother, the woman allegedly showed her daughter prenup papers she wanted the couple to sign. The future bride was surprised when her mother reportedly told her that she, the mother, will only have peace of mind if her daughter would turn over all her assets to them, her parents.

Through this arrangement, it will ensure the future groom won’t get a cent of his wife’s money, if ever they break up in the future. But the bride-to-be refused to sign, saying that she loves her future groom so much and the prenup might offend him.

As the wedding date is coming, will FB [future bride] sign the papers to appease AE and HP [future brides’ parents] (but will she have a guarantee that they’ll attend her most anticipated event even after she signs?) or will she not (and risk AE and HP’s wrath for the rest of her life)?” the blind item asked.

Photo credit: @sportshecklerrr – Twitter / Fashion Pulis

Netizens think they know the answer now…

Source: Fashion Pulis