Former Flight Attendant Becomes Street Vendor, Goes Viral after Guys Ban Their GFs from Buying

A hunky street vendor recently went viral after some guys banned their girlfriends from buying at his shop because he is ‘too handsome’, but this young man’s sad life story had also tugged at netizens’ heartstrings.

Life had not been easy for Walter Tay who went from being a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines to becoming a street vendor in Kampung Admiralty, Singapore.

Photo credit: Melissa Chan

He was just 21 years old when he became a flight attendant for the airline. With such a high-paying job, the young man quickly squandered his money to buy sports cars, luxury watches, designer clothes and shoes, and everything he could get his hands on.

Young and reckless, he left this stable, high-paying job after getting an offer from two brothers to become a full-time sales agent for a business that promised high yields for so little time. He was earning much more than what he earned as flight crew. But the business turned out to be a Ponzi scheme that left him with huge debts.

Photo credit: Melissa Chan

Because he was one of the earliest investors and was able to bring a lot of his friends to the ‘business’, he ended up with a lot of debt and broken friendships.

I wanted to do something and then make it big [so that I can repay] the people who I owe so much to. But with that kind of attitude [of trying to make it big quickly], I only kept failing,” Walter admitted.

He began opening up one business after another but failed big time in each one until his parents stepped in to help the frustrated young man get back on his feet again.

Photo credit: Melissa Chan

With his mother’s guidance, Walter opened “Father & Son” with his dad. They sold carrot cake and other delicious treats that would soon become a hit with the customers, especially after he started using the ‘Hunky Hawker’ persona.

People didn’t just go to the store for food, they also went there for photos with the handsome hunk cooking their food! It got so good that the shop would soon become a popular hit among tourists as well, because they wanted to check out the famous street vendor they heard from social media.

Photo credit: Melissa Chan

He even went viral when guys began banning their girlfriends from going to the shop by themselves, just in case they might fall deeply in love with this handsome bachelor.

But for Walter, what’s important now is that the business is doing so good that he was able to pay off most of his debts and even repaid his friends’ lost investments.

I tried to recover people’s investments, especially those very close to me, or those who bought into the investment portfolio because of me. I want to repay them—it’s the debt of gratitude,” Walter admitted.

His job and lifestyle now is the opposite of the high-flying life he led when he was a flight attendant, but Walter said he is happier.

Photo credit: Melissa Chan

We grow up watching Hollywood movies and I thought the high life is what I wanted. I’ve had my fun. I’ve had expensive cars, I wore watches, I stayed opposite MBS. But it’s all fake lah. It’s all a show,” he said.

We grow up in this society that teaches us that we need to find a job which has very good entitlement, with high CPF, high holiday allowance, high this high that, but actually if you land a job with all these entitlements, you still might not be a happy person. I think it is what you do and how you find meaning in it.

Very well said!

Sources: Millennials of SG, World of Buzz