Former Baker and SM Merchandiser Inspires after Becoming a Doctor

He comes from a poor family but Rommel Abellar Amos has inspired everyone with his story when he became a doctor despite the hardships he faced in life.

Let us just treat poverty as a challenge, not an obstacle. I think that my humble beginnings were very deliberate, and I’m grateful for them because I’m not sure I would see my achievements the same way if they were handed to me. So I EARNED them,” the new doctor wrote in an inspiring post on Facebook.

Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

In a post that quickly went viral, Dr. Amos listed the odd jobs he had worked before he became a nurse and, just recently, a licensed physician. His story inspired so many people, particularly because he used to work in blue-collar jobs as baker, SM merchandiser, and water refiller.

Born to a poor family, Amos could only dream of getting a college degree. But poverty did not stop him from reaching for his dreams. Instead, he used this as inspiration to work harder to become a doctor, even if that meant working physically demanding jobs that made it more challenging for him to juggle work and his studies.

Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

In his post, he listed the jobs he had to do before achieving success:

  • Water Refiller at Mega P&F Water Station in 2005
  • Merchandiser at SM San Lazaro Supermarket in 2006
  • Marketing Assistant at SYM Motors in 2007
  • Sales Clerk at SM Megamall in 2008
  • Assistant Baker at RDA Bakery in 2017

Thanks to his hard work and determination, he was able to graduate from college. He didn’t just earn one degree – he actually has three!

Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

This inspiring new doctor completed three courses:

  • Doctor of Medicine at Cagayan State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Jude College Manila
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Nativity of Our Lady College Seminary
Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

He recently passed the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE) to become a licensed doctor. He calls himself as “The Poor MD” and now works at Borongan City Health Office, taking care of the health of poor folks in the barrio.

Photo credit: Rommel Abellar Amos

Truly, Dr. Amos is an inspiration to many!