Foreigner Loses All His Money, Now Lives in the Streets after Pinay Wife Left

A lot of foreigners are living in the Philippines because they got married to a Filipino or found a lifetime partner here, even without getting married. What is sad, however, is that there have been lots of foreigners who were left in debt and living in the streets after their Pinoy partners ran away with their money!

Recently, a foreigner went viral for living in the streets and relying on the help of the locals so he can have some food because his wife allegedly ran away with all his money.

Identified as Arthur Ernest, a foreigner from London, United Kingdom, used to own a computer shop with his wife, Elsa Freeman, in Brgy. Halang in Canlalay, Biñan in Laguna. According to the locals, the couple seemed alright to them and they had often seen Arthur at the computer shop.

Photo credit: Sandrix Lita / Facebook

But news would soon spread that Elsa had left Arthur, allegedly running way with all his money. Left with nothing, the foreigner had to live in the streets and is often seen sleeping under a tree near the covered court of the barangay.

Despite his difficult predicament, the foreigner remains cheerful and does not even beg for money or food from the locals. Yet the locals understand his situation and would offer him some food, water, or money to help him survive.

Photo credit: Sandrix Lita / Facebook

The 75-year-old foreigner says that he is happy with the help that the Pinoys extended to him. What’s sad is that his papers are already expired and he needs medication for his diabetes but he really has no money left to find treatment or make his way back to his homeland…