Foreign Blogger Visits the Philippines, Says Pinoys are the ‘Best People in the World’

Filipinos are the best people in the world!” – Tom Kuegler

A lot of foreigners who visit the Philippines fall in love with the country and its people; not literally fall in love as in finding a girlfriend or boyfriend but simply loving its people and the experience they have in the country.

One of these is Tom Kuegler, a foreign blogger who goes by handle ‘Finding Tom’ on his blogs and vlogs.

Photo credit: Facebook / Finding Tom

But Tom had firsthand experience with Filipinos even back at home. His father used to tell him about how Filipinos are the best people in the world even back when he was a kid.

Moreover, he and some friends did a side job at a Filipino home. After the job was done, the family treated them to a surprise barbecue party. The food plus the excitement of it all had such a big impression on the young Tom that he knew in his heart his father was right – Filipinos are the best people in the world!

Photo credit: Facebook / Finding Tom

When he grew up and decided to become a travel blogger, he simply had to visit the Philippines! And though he had gone to a number of countries and met different people before finally visiting the Philippines, Tom said he now knows for sure that Filipinos are the ‘best people in the world!’

Photo credit: Facebook / Finding Tom

In his visit to the Philippines, her met a lot of people, enjoyed the food, and loved the culture. Of course, it’s true that there are a lot of bad things that could happen in the Philippines but many Filipinos loved how he looked beyond these and saw the good in the country.

Photo credit: Facebook / Finding Tom

So, why does Tom think Filipinos are the best in the world? You would not be surprised by most of the items on his list but we loved the ‘fried bananas’ best!

Check out his video: