For Checking Husband’s Phone Without Permission, Wife Gets 3 Months in Jail

Do you check your partner’s phone without his/her permission? Many of us are guilty of doing that, especially if we suspect that there is something going in behind your back but one woman in the United Arab Emirates recently got jail time after checking her husband’s phone without his permission! Whoa.

The unnamed husband filed the case at the Ras Al Khaimah court after discovering that his wife had been checking his phone and copying all his data, including cellphone numbers, photos, and chat conversations.

In a statement he made against his wife, the husband claimed that she shared the private information she got from his phone to her siblings.

The man had no qualms in filing a case against his wife in court, leading the cops to take her in for questioning.

The woman (name withheld for privacy reasons) admitted her husband’s accusations but defended herself, saying he had previously given her permission to access his phone and had even given her his password; thus, she was able to look through his private messages.

She added that she had only been checking his phone because she had caught him in the past while messaging other women.

Despite his past history of cheating on her, however, and the fact that it was him who had given her the password to his phone, the court found the woman guilty because she had recently accessed the phone when he did not give her permission to do it.

Under the strict privacy laws of the UAE, even married couples could not just check each other’s phones or read their messages and other private data on the phone – and that holds true even if one of them is suspected of cheating.

The woman was sentenced to 3 months in jail, something that sparked a heated debate among netizens.

Many were surprised that the ruling could be so harsh over something so simple yet the privacy laws are strict there and everyone is expected to abide.

A lot of people defended the wife, slamming the husband for cheating and for jailing his wife over something that was certainly much lesser compared to his sin.

If she wasn’t suspicious over something, she wouldn’t have gone through his phone. Isn’t it shameful for him to jail his own wife?” one commenter wrote.

But others sided with the guy, saying that a cellphone is private property and the wife only got what she deserved for checking his phone without permission!

She deserves this. No one told her to go through his phone,” one person wrote.

Source: Oddity Central