FoodPanda Rider Goes Viral for Using Bicycle to Deliver Customers’ Food

A FoodPanda rider has gone viral for using a bicycle to deliver customers’ food. Imagine just how hard it would be for someone to do that, huh?

With so many customers being so impatient these days, even canceling orders when the rider is late, it is extra difficult for this guy to be doing his delivers on a bicycle!

The Food Panda rider was featured on Facebook Page, Negeri Sembilan Kini, after someone spotted him cycling past a residential area with his delivery items. The original photo uploader shared admiration over the delivery rider who might be struggling with his bike when making deliveries yet still trying his best to do his job, anyway.

Wearing his FoodPanda uniform and strapping the food box unto a plastic basket at the back of his bike, this still unknown rider was doing his best to fulfill his duties. While this looks difficult, indeed, particularly if he would receive a big order, the rider still makes sure that he earns an honest living for his family.

Photo credit: Negeri Sembilan kini / Facebook

His plight would go viral, with many people praising him for his dedication to his work. Many said that it is great to see such a hardworking person who works honestly, without complaints.

Thanks to social media, the hardworking rider might soon have a motorcycle of his own. After his plight went viral, someone offered to buy him a motorcycle so he could have a better way of earning money for his family.

According to Dato’ Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnan, he had once been a homeless person who only relied on other people for food and sustenance. With the help of some kind people, he was able to turn his life around. So, now that he is in a better position to support himself and help others, he decided to pay it forward.

Never had a single cent in (my) pocket, no food and survived with just pipe water from Court Hill Temple, Pudu,” Ramakrishnan explained.

He hopes to give the bike to the rider soon! What a great turn of events. It is unknown how long the rider has been using his bike for deliveries but it is great that his plight went viral because he’ll have his own motorcycle to help him out.