Flight Attendant Proudly Sells Fishball While COVID Crisis Prevents Flights

The COVID-19 crisis has affected a lot of people, with millions of people losing their jobs across the world. Yet there are also many who might have lost their primary source of income yet found a way to solve their problem through other means of work.

With travel restrictions imposed in most countries, the airline industry has suffered a lot of loses. Most airlines had to lay off a lot of people. Others put their workers on temporary leave, until the crisis is over and flights resume again.

Photo credit: Lorrie May Parungao / Flyhigh Manila

But when will flights resume? Considering that there remain millions of active COVID-19 cases across the world today, there’s a possibility that flights won’t be able to return to normal anything in 2020.

While the COVID-19 crisis prevents flights, people in the airline industry have found other ways to earn some income.

Being the bread winner of the family, temporarily losing her job as flight attendant is clearly a huge blow for Lorrie May Parungao. Yet she did not wallow in grief and give up so easily. Instead, the flight attendant of Pan Pacific Airlines sells fish balls and refreshments in order to make ends meet.

Photo credit: Lorrie May Parungao / Flyhigh Manila

According to Lorrie May, she had no qualms about selling fish balls to support her family because it is a noble job to do. It might pay as high as what she receives as flight attendant but the income is steady and could help provide food for her family.

Fishball business muna habang lockdown, ito ang bagay na ng buhay sa aking paglalakbay patungo sa pagiging F.A. Maraming salamat sa Aking mga magulang na ako’y inyong minulat sa maraming kasanayan sa buhay na aking madadala saan man at kailan man,” Lorrie May wrote.

From a simple family vendor and a farm earning family, di ko kailanman ito Ipag-kakaila. Hanap buhay parin para sa pamilya at pinaka mamahal na anak.

She also had an advice for others.

Photo credit: Lorrie May Parungao / Flyhigh Manila

Never Let your past experiences be a hindrance to your future and dreams. Always be grateful for all that have happened in our lives. It will be our fuel for our dreams. Never forget where we came from, it will always lead and teach us to aim and soar high…

Thanks for being an inspiration, Lorrie May!