‘Fitness Freak’ Ghost Uses Outdoor Gym Equipment, Strange Video Goes Viral

A ‘fitness freak’ ghost appears to use some outdoor gym equipment – and the strange video goes viral, especially because the cops called to investigate the weird event could not help but just take videos of the unbelievable event!

Allegedly taken at an outdoor gym in Kanshiram Park in Nandanpura in Jhansi, India, the video shows a bunch of policemen watching an empty shoulder press machine furiously moving up and down as if someone was doing a hard workout!

Photo credit: @upcoprahul / Twitter

But since there was no one there, it simply does not make sense that the gym equipment would be moving this way. Even the cops were confused and simply took videos of the whole thing which lasted for several minutes.

The unnatural movement left so many netizens frightened, commenting that this is clearly due to supernatural forces.

Photo credit: @upcoprahul / Twitter

The cops were clearly puzzled in the video but later released a report that the strange video was due to a prank by someone who put too much grease on the outdoor equipment. The grease reportedly made the outdoor equipment move.

But netizens are not buying the cops’ explanation. While too much grease could make the equipment parts move so easy, surely that alone won’t make the shoulder press machine move that fast, huh? Some force was moving that machine – and that’s most certainly something stranger than too much grease!

Photo credit: @upcoprahul / Twitter

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