Family Loses Father, Daughter Who Returned Home to Get Modules Amid ‘Rolly’

As Super Typhoon “Rolly” lashed across the land, the Jacob family had already made their way safely to the evacuation center in Catanduanes. But tragedy struck after the father and a daughter went home to get her modules.

Mecaella Jacob is just months away from graduating from college. As a candidate for cum laude, the young girl values her modules and laptop. In a rush to evacuate, she left these at home.

Thinking that there’s still enough time to get her things, Mecaella returned home accompanied by her dad, Ramon Jacob. Though the two managed to retrieve their things from their home in Barangay Gogon, they were caught in the flood.

Umaga na [noon], wala pa asawa ko at anak ko. ‘Yung dibdib ko para nang sasabog, 4 o’clock na ‘yun ng madaling araw, parang sasabog… Sabi ng anak ko na ‘tiwala lang sa taas,” said Liwayway Jacob, Mecaella’s mom.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

It was morning when they found the bodies of Ramon and Mecaella together, close to each other near the river just about 5 minutes away from their house. The young girl was still clutching her modules tightly, clearly treasuring her education despite the difficult situation she was in.

Yung lang inaano niya, ‘yung laptop, mga gamit niya. Masaya na rin po ako kasi magkasama sila ng papa niya kahit kaming 3 andito pa,” Liwayway said.

With Ramon being the family’s sole breadwinner, Liwayway is unsure how she is going to raise her two remaining kids.

A lot of netizens condoled with the family, with many feeling sad that the girl and her father went home for the modules when they could have survived the flood had they stayed at the evacuation center. But many commented that it’s not good to blame the two, especially because they lost their lives over the modules.

Others shared their story as reminder to value life first over things that might be important to us but could cost us our lives if we return to retrieve them during a dangerous situation…

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