Family Gets Saved from Venomous Snake by Stray Dog They Adopted from the Streets

A kind family saved and adopted a sick dog from the streets. Little did they know that the dog would pay back this favor with its life after it protected them from a venomous snake that entered their house!

Proud of the dog’s heroic deed but also grieving over his loss, netizen Yap Y. F. shared the story of how they adopted their pet husky, Dai Bao, from the streets. She narrated that they had long noticed the dog living in the streets and would often provide it with food.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

After feeding the dog for so long, the family was approached by an animal rights group for the possibility of them fostering the stray at their home. They were surprised but also happy with the opportunity.

Just weeks after fostering the sick stray dog, the family decided to keep him for good. With the help of the volunteers, they were able to legally adopt the stray dog. The kids named him Dai Bao.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

After raising him for about three months, Dai Bao recovered his health, gained weight and became a handsome and cute dog, which brought a lot of joy to our family members,” Yap narrated.

The family truly loved the dog. They felt happy that he was able to quickly recover after the months, possibly years, that he lived in the streets. His matted fur was removed and he quickly looked so handsome after just a few days.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

Recently, however, the family lost Dai Bao after he battled with a cobra that entered the house. The venomous snake had sneaked into the house and could have caused trouble to the people living there.

The dog rushed to the snake and was able to win in the battle. Sadly, however, he also got bitten in the process. The family rushed him to the vet but there was nothing that could be done to save his life at that point.

Photo credit: Yap Y.F.

A very heartbreaking day, our baby, Dai Bao, is gone. This morning, we even managed to play and chase each other around and took videos, I didn’t expect that that would be the last time. On 19 July 2019, I took you home with your bad smell and serious skin disease. You have been in our home for less than two years, and you left,” Yap wrote as tribute to their heroic dog.

Still, the Yap family is thankful that the stray dog they adopted would be the one to save their lives!