Family Buys Everything from 70-Year-Old Vendor, Raises Funds So He Can Retire

At 70 years old, Don Rosario still goes out every single day to sell paletas (ice pop snacks) in the streets of East Side, Chicago in Illinois, USA. At his age, he is still strong and he has no plans of retiring yet for lack of enough funds to support himself.

Last Father’s Day, a family bought all his goods and would help raise funds so he can finally retire! The kind deed brought the old man to tears and made thousands of netizens happy.

Photo credit: Michaelangelo Mosqueda

According to Michaelangelo Mosqueda, his grandfather had just retired this year. So, when they saw Don Rosario selling the paletas, Michaelangelo’s grandfather decided that they should help him out.

The old vendor was brought to tears as he watched the family take out all the paletas from his box. He just could not believe that this is happening, especially because it is the first time that someone bought everything he was selling!

Michaelangelo’s grandfather told Don Rosario that they are doing this because it is Father’s Day. They want him to go home early so he could spend more time with his family. It was a great day, indeed, for this old vendor.

But the helpful family’s kindness did not stop with that small act of kindness. Michaelangelo launched a GoFundMe campaign so they can help the old vendor retire. Quite amazingly, the response from netizens was so amazing that within just 1 day, the donations reached nearly $40,000! They had only hoped for even just $10,000, but netizens surprised them with their generosity.

Photo credit: Michaelangelo Mosqueda

The family is now coordinating with Don Rosario so they can provide him the best assistance with the money they were able to raise. After decades of selling paletas, Don Rosario will finally be able to retire. Isn’t that so wonderful?