Fake Photo of Bike Undamaged in Collision with Car? Cops Release Video to Prove it’s Real

When photos of a bike that remained undamaged in a collision with a car were shared on social media, a lot of netizens truly believed it was fake. After all, how could a small bike ever compare with a car? Surely, the impact would have sent the bicycle so much force that it would sustain more damage than the much larger, more ‘solid’ vehicle.

But local police have actually confirmed that the photo was for real! Isn’t that crazy?

According to the reports, the incident happened near a busy intersection in Shenzhen, south China. The cyclist had been driving in the wrong direction, leading to the collision with the car.

Photo credit: YouTube / CGTN

It amazed a lot of onlookers, however, to see that the bike was largely undamaged during the collision but the car was obviously wreaked. The front bumper was badly damaged, with the bike still embedded in the damaged frame.

The cyclist also had very little injuries from the incident.

The photos made a lot of netizens laugh, with some people joking that the bike must have been made in Germany while the damaged car was certainly made in China.

Photo credit: YouTube / CGTN

Can someone tell me what brand bicycle that is before it gets sold out?” one netizen wrote.

Certainly, this bike would make an excellent choice if you want something that would be sturdy and reliable.

Nokia makes bikes now?” another joked, in allusion to Nokia’s knack for making really sturdy phones like the famous 5110.

But there were those who were skeptical that the photo was even true. After all, it really is easy to fake a lot of things these days!

Photo credit: YouTube / CGTN

To end the speculations, cop released the video of the incident and showed the vehicle’s position from many angles. Are you convinced now that this is for real?