Exhausted Cops, Soldiers Sleep on Cartons as They Guard the Borders Amid Lockdown

Amid the lockdown in Luzon that started with the community quarantine of Metro Manila, the country’s uniformed personnel such as cops and soldiers have also been in the frontlines, securing the borders and ensuring that there is peace and order at these areas.

But while most of us are comfortable at home, sleeping on our beds after a day spent watching TV and feeling bored with nothing much to do, these frontliners are busy securing our borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: Arjhun Catada / Facebook

Arjhun Catada shared that he was just jogging in Magallanes, Makati City, when he noticed the cops and soldiers taking a rest by the street. While some of them were able to secure a spot on the cement benches, many were simple lying on the sidewalk with just a carton to sleep on!

They appear exhausted and probably didn’t have a choice but to take a rest there because they would later go back to their posts, without proper rest. Taking pity on these frontliners, Catada snapped some photos and shared them on his social media account.

Photo credit: Arjhun Catada / Facebook

“Habang nag jjogging ako kanina sa Magallanes,Makati, nakita ko yung mga pulis at sundalo na nakahiga sa kalsada na KARTON lang ang tinutulugan. Tila pagod na pagod na sila.

Kaya guys, tama na pag bbash sa mga frontliners natin, sumunod na lang tayo. Wag na magyabangan kung sino tama at mali. Isipin mo kung kapatid or tatay mo makita mong nakahiga sa kalsada dahil sa pagod para makatulong, ano mararamdaman nyo. Just saying.”

Kudos to these frontliners! Ingat po kayo, mga Sir!

Source: Arjhun Catada / Facebook