Even at His Wedding, Dedicated Teacher Still Replies to Student’s Query

The level of dedication that teachers have to their job is truly admirable! Many spend much longer hours than they are paid for, just to ensure that their students will have enough materials to learn their lessons.

Aside from making the lessons, teachers also spend hours to check papers and assignments, grade the students, and even do other things to help the kids learn. As their students’ second parents, many teachers also go above and beyond their call of duty to help, whether on school-related or even personal matters!

Photo credit: Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo / Facebook

Recently, a dedicated teacher went viral for still replying to a student’s query even at his wedding!

Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo is a MAPEH teacher at Cavite National High School. Now that the Department of Education (DepEd) is implementing distance learning instead of face-to-face classes due to the COVID-19 crisis, Ser Dholf wants his students to trust him.

Photo credit: Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo / Facebook

He told the students to message him anytime they needed to ask him about something – and he promised to reply as fast and as best as he could so they won’t hesitate to connect with him. Quite amazingly, Ser Dholf made good of that promise when he replied to a student’s query even though he is busy at his wedding.

The exchange went this way:

Sir, ano po ba muna ang sasagutan?” the student asked.

Wait lang nak, ikakasal lang si Sir ☺️,” Ser Dholf replied, adding a selfie with his wife.

Photo credit: Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo / Facebook

A lot of netizens admired the teacher’s action, saying that he could have ignored the student because it’s his special day yet he chose to reply, anyway. This simply goes to show that teachers like him are dedicated people who don’t even take a real day off or vacation, even on his own wedding day.

Many were also happy to see him call his student ‘nak, a shortened version of ‘anak’. This clearly means that he considers his students like they are his own kids. Isn’t that sweet?

Photo credit: Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo / Facebook

Ser Dholf explained that he replied to the student because he didn’t want her to feel that he was snubbing her and placing her on the ‘seen zone’.

Wala po muna honeymoon plan as of now. Marami pang rereplyan sa students… Siguro nasanay lang talaga na anak/nak ang tawag ko sa mga students ko, for them na maging comfortable sila to communicate with me,” he explained further.

Lalo na ngayon na distance learning ung system ng education, gusto ko, okay yung communication ng mga students ko sa akin; hindi sila ma-alangan magquestion pag nahihirapan sila sa modules. Sinabi ko din sa kanila na message nyo lang si Sir, sasagot ako.”

Photo credit: Rhandolf “Ser Dholf” Fajardo / Facebook