Engineers Sit on the Floor at Alleged CPD Seminar; They Paid Php3,500 but Meals Were Not Provided

In the Philippines, professionals could only renew their license with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) once they are able to obtain the minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points which varies, depending on their profession.

But many professionals are angry with this requirement, especially because seminars are expensive and only provide a few points; thus, they have to attend many seminars and pay a lot of money to obtain the required CPD points to renew their license.

Sadly, many of them pay for the seminars out of their own pockets! Many also have to spend more in plane tickets and accommodations just to attend the seminar.

This is the reason why an engineer was dismayed when he attended a seminar wherein they paid Php3,500 to attend but there were no meals provided and many of the participants had to sit on the floor because the chairs were not enough.

Photo credit: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook

The engineer shared a photo with blogger Thinking Pinoy. The engineer claimed that this was taken during the alleged CPD seminar.Grabe ang sinapit namin mga civil Engineers. Talagang naperahan lang kami sa CPD Seminar.

  1. Ang haba ng pila papasok ng venue. Umaabot pa ng 1-2 hours ang pila. Namimiss na yung ibang sessions.
  2. Unrelated ang mga topics pero hindi ka puwedeng mag absent kasi chinecheck ang ID bawat session. May mga topics na architectural. Walang bago. Parang nagkekwento lang! Mas marami pa matutunan sa TED talks sa youtube.
  3. Kulang-kulang ang upuan (See image). Binaboy ang profession ng mga civil engineer. Ang mahal mahal ng bayad 3500 walang snack, walang meals, wala pang upuan.
  4. Ang dami ring nagpapa scan ng ID. May mga handlers, ang daming hawak na ID. Hinahayaan ng mga nag iiscan para sa compliance na rin.

A number of netizens commented on the post, including several who confirmed the post and said they were also at the same event and were equally dismayed by what happened.

One even shared that they were so hungry throughout the event because snacks were not provided and there was also no food being sold inside the venue. Because the ID scanning was strict and the scanners wouldn’t scan your ID if you’re late, then they chose to remain inside to attend the sessions even if they were hungry.

Source: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook