Engineer in Viral Love Triangle with OFW and Tricycle Driver Finally Arrives in the Philippines

When overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Sheerlyn Gerasta arrived in the Philippines to face her husband, tricycle driver Charlie Lozada, on Raffy Tulfo in Action, a lot of netizens also wanted to see her engineer lover as he was the reason why this woman chose to leave her husband and five children!

There were rumors that Edwin Madrideo wasn’t really an engineer in Saudi but a ‘kargador’ (stevedore) or possibly just someone working a blue-collar job at a warehouse. However, his actual job has no bearing because it all comes down to him getting between Sheerlyn and her family.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

For this, a lot of people also wanted him deported. Calls for his deportation grew stronger when it was revealed that despite Tulfo’s intervention, Edwin and Sheerlyn continued their relationship.

The two even continued making video calls even when Charlie and the children were around. Edwin even promised Sheerlyn they would get married and live together when he gets back in the Philippines on February 1, a promise that Charlie and the kids heard while the two were making a video call at the OWWA facility they were staying in.

Photo credit: john michael / YouTube

This led to many people hoping Edwin would really come back to the Philippines and face Tulfo! Is he ready to face the veteran broadcaster and Sheerlyn’s husband whom he had mocked while he was still working abroad?

It is still unknown as of press time whether Edwin is back in the Philippines for good, but in the video taken by friends at the airport, they were laughing at his situation. It was clear that the group was in full support of their friend and were joking about waiting for Sheerlyn at the airport.

Photo credit: john michael / YouTube

The group laughed as they called Edwin as ‘engineer’ and promised to make a live video when they finally get to meet the woman. This angered a lot of netizens who believe the group was simply making a mockery out of this serious situation…

Watch the video of Edwin’s arrival at the airport here:

Source: OFW Tambayan