Driving Test? Students Puzzle Netizens for Taking Exams While Wearing Motorcycle Helmets

While it is understandable for teachers to use various tactics to prevent students from copying during exam days, netizens were left scratching their heads in wonder over photos of students taking their exams while wearing motorcycle helmets.

Some netizens joked that this might actually be a ‘driving test’ that’s why the students had to wear a helmet. Others were serious in commenting that the teacher is not doing any of these students good because the heavy helmet will only affect their concentration and could even give them headaches.

Photo credit: Malee Kawsanthia / Facebook

But even as netizens poked fun on the photos, school officials spoke up and offered an explanation to the weird photos.

It turned out that the pictures were taken in Rajamangala University of Technology Isan’s hall where students of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Technology were taking their final exams. But the department head explained that the students did not use the helmets for the entire duration of the test.

According to the department’s statement, the students were asked to wear the helmets for the 100% helmet campaign that encourages everyone to wear helmets when driving their motorcycles. The class was asked to wear the helmets for 15 minutes, but many simply kept the helmet on as they concentrated on answering their test.

Photo credit: Malee Kawsanthia / Facebook

We live in a society that focuses on unity. Different but not divided. We should know where our obligations lie and what we should do. We apologize for the misunderstanding,” the department added.

A lot of netizens commented that the helmets weren’t good as cheat-proof tactics, anyway. The students could still see their seatmates’ answers if they tried harder and the helmets could even hide earpods and have someone help them get the right answer. LOL. Netizens really have wild imaginations!

Sources: World of Buzz, Malee Kawsanthia / Facebook