‘Drawing’ No More: Three Guys Bring Photos of Friends Who Couldn’t Join Trip

With most people busy with their careers and families, it is often difficult for friends to all have the same vacant time to take a leave so they can go on a vacation together. But with many still wishing they could go on a trip, many vacation plans are left on the drawing board – and netizens often joke that most friends’ vacation plans are simply ‘drawing’.

Three guys recently went viral as they took their vacation photos in Batanes, carrying photos of their friends who couldn’t join the trip. ‘Drawing’ no more, the friends were still able to join the trip – but only in photos! LOL.

The picture got a lot of netizens laughing, especially because many people could relate with the post.

Yung andami nyong nagplano at nag confirm sa lakad pero tatlo lang ang tumuloy #friendshipgoals #batanes #morefuninthephilippines,” shared Jaie Principe Pimentel on his Facebook account.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jaie Principe Pimentel

The post has since racked up over 11k comments and more than 27k shares as netizens said they could easily relate with these guys and their friends.

It turned out the three guys belong to a group of 21 friends, but though many planned the trip and even confirmed that they would go, the three ended up going by themselves because the others canceled. Sounds familiar, eh?

Some said people should consider this as one of their friendship goals, to travel together, but many pointed out that this is a reality that most friends have to accept because everyone eventually lives separate lives as they grow older.

Many tagged their friends in the post, encouraging them to really complete the trip they are planning or else they might end up just like these guys who would only be taking photos of their friends to the trip because many can’t follow through with the plans.