Dog That Visited His Late Professor Friend’s Wake Has Also Departed This Earth

It’s always sad when someone departs from this earth. It would not matter if it was someone that was very close to you, or if you know the person only by name, you’d want to reach out to the people that they left behind and give your condolences.

Almost a month ago, news spread of a dog, named Buboy, that was always waiting for his friend in Mabalacat City College, Professor Carmelito Marcelo. The dog would follow the professor anywhere he went. There was a time that Buboy would wait for his friend to arrive outside their faculty room, not knowing that Professor Marcelo had succumbed to his sickness on May 18.

Image credit: Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix/Facebook

Buboy the dog was then brought to Professor Marcelo’s wake when one of the teachers finally noticed that he would be outside waiting for the professor to arrive. Pictures and news of the dog, who was then branded as the Philippines’ Hachiko, spread and became viral.

Image credit: Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix/Facebook

Sad news then came recently as Buboy, the loyal dog and Professor Marcelo’s friend, has also left us.

The Animal Kingdom Foundation in Facebook made a post to deliver the sad news. Based on their post, Buboy was ran over by a vehicle early in the morning of June 12, 2019. Despite the efforts made by volunteers, even though it was a holiday, they were not able to save him.

Image credit: Animal Kingdom Foundation/Facebook

In the same post, the Animal Kingdom Foundation also expressed their dismay since they are seeing that askals, short for “asong kalye,” or dogs that don’t have a proper breed, are not taken care of properly and all animals deserve a home and a loving family.

The post was also updated with a witness account from one of the teachers. They say the teacher saw Buboy follow a security guard who just finished his shift and then he reached the highway, which is not a place where Buboy usually goes to, and that is where he got ran over.

The comments section also mourned for the dog, with the message, “Run free, Buboy,” as their final message to him.

You can read the post from Animal Kingdom Foundation here:

AKF mourns the tragic, untimely passing of the loyal Askal, Buboy. Initial reports say that the dog was ran over by a…

Posted by Animal Kingdom Foundation on Tuesday, June 11, 2019