Dog Refuses to Leave Sick Owner, Learns How to Push Wheelchair

Dogs are known to be loyal animals – and they have proven this a lot of times. Many stories were shared of dogs that stay loyal to their masters, no matter the situation. Of course, that’s if they are loved and cared for by their masters! It’s a give-and-take relationship.

For centuries, dogs have also been used as companion animals, especially for those with medical conditions and may need special assistance. But have you ever seen a dog pushing its master’s wheelchair along the street?

Photo credit: Krizzia Aurelio / Facebook

That is exactly what Krizzia Aurelio witnessed while riding a tricycle one day. At an intersection, Krizzia was amazed to see a dog pushing a man’s wheelchair across the street. The man appears to control the navigation as the dog pushed.

It was an unusual sight – and Krizzia quickly whipped out her camera to take a picture. She admired that the dog was doing this for its master, considering that this is physically difficult for the dog to do. Unlike humans who can walk on two feet and use hands to push the wheelchair, this dog has to use its head. Yet it does not appear to mind the difficult situation.

Photo credit: Krizzia Aurelio / Facebook

It is admirable that this animal would stay loyal and refuse to leave its sick owner – and that it even learned how to push that wheelchair so they can go out on walks even if there is no one else to help the man.

A lot of netizens were happy to see the two but hope that the man can get a motorized wheelchair, not just for his own safety but also for his dog.