Dog Dubbed as Modern-Day ‘Hachiko’, Waits More than 80 Days for Late Owner

Have you heard of Hachiko, the dog who waited for his late owner at the train station for over 9 years?

Considered to be the most loyal dog in the world, Hachiko had no idea that his owner would never come back to the train station after experiencing cerebral hemorrhage at work. But the dog never failed to arrive at the train station every single day for 9 years and 9 months, always ahead of the train that used to carry Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, his owner, from work.

Hachiko held his loyal vigil from May 1925 until his passing in March 1935.

Photo credit: YouTube / Pear Video

For years since then, a number of dogs also did a similar thing but none ever came close to Hachiko’s record of waiting for his late owner for more than 9 years.

Recently, a dog in Mongolia is being dubbed as the modern-day Hachiko as he pays vigil at the roadside, waiting for his owner who would never arrive. Unknown to this unnamed dog, his owner passed in the accident that happened in that spot yet the dog continued to come back to the spot, hoping his owner would be there and pick him up.

Photo credit: YouTube / Pear Video

Since August 21, the dog stayed at the side of the road since then. Motorists have gotten worried about the plight of the dog, considering that this is a busy street in Mongolia and it might get side-swiped by a car. Worse, the dog stays there even though it is raining – and with the onset of winter, it could get in serious trouble once the snow begins to fall.

Netizens are hoping the family of the dog’s owner might recognize it and pick him up since the dog is skittish, even refusing help from kind-hearted animal lovers who tried to help him. So, people took to placing food some meters away from his spot so he could find it since he refuses to touch the water and food they try to directly give at his waiting spot.

Source: Japan Insides, Wikipedia / Hachiko