Doctor Refuses Dream Job Offer after Dad Becomes Sick, Chooses to Be His Personal Doctor

He had just finished getting a medical degree, in Ireland no less; but when his dad got sick, one doctor refused the dream job offered at the hospital he had always wanted to work for, so he could take care of his old man.

Faiq Syukri had long wanted to be a doctor. Even as a kid, he had always wanted to be one.

He worked so hard to earn a degree and even left his Malaysian hometown for several years to study at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He completed the degree and was excited to work at Batu Pahat Hospital, the hospital in his hometown.

Photo credit: Instagram / Faiq Syukri

Right after coming home, he would receive a job offer from the hospital. It was an exciting prospect for the young doctor who prepared to accept the job offer.

But as fate would have it, his father got sick and was soon wheelchair-bound. Syukri’s mother was the one taking care of the sick man, but the young doctor took pity on his parents. He knew he was more capable of caring for his dad – and his mother was also frail with old age.

Photo credit: Instagram / Faiq Syukri

After graduating in 2017, I was offered to work at Batu Pahat Hospital. I requested to postpone my career so that I could focus on my father. But I decided to stop working as a doctor all together,” Syukri shared.

Though his father got better, he remains unable to stand up or walk on his own. So, Syukri never went back to being a doctor because he wants to care for his dad fulltime. He knows that his mom could handle the task at times but her old age would make it difficult for her to do it.

Sacrificing his career, Syukri chose to become a financial advisor so he could still take care of his dad while earning money. Had he chosen to work full time at the hospital, he would surely have more money and could afford to hire someone to look after his dad, but he loves his dad so much to leave his care in another person’s hands.

Photo credit: Instagram / Faiq Syukri

He turned the dream job down but he is taking care of his dad in the best possible way. At the end of day, isn’t that the more important thing? What a sweet, noble gesture from this inspiring doctor.

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