Doctor at Private Hospital Earns Praise for Only Charging Php100 PF for Patient’s 6-Day Confinement

Everyone knows that most doctors charge a hefty professional fee (PF) for their services, particularly in private hospitals. Their high fees can be justified, perhaps, because they are there to save lives – and lives are priceless!

But one doctor at a private hospital in Cebu City recently went viral for charging just Php100 in PF from a patient, even if he was confined for 6 days! It’s so unbelievable that many netizens think it was just a billing error and the clerk who generated the bill must have missed two zeros from the amount!

Photo credit: Febe Jean Oporto / Facebook

Netizen Febe Jean Oporto shared the family’s heartfelt gratitude to their angel, Dr. Mercedes Mujeres, who saved her brother’s life yet only charged a very small amount as PF. With the family not having any PhilHealth account to use in paying the hospital bill, they needed to shell out a huge amount of money for the 6-day confinement.

On her Facebook account, Febe Jean shared photos of her brother and the doctor’s unbelievable PF.

Photo credit: Febe Jean Oporto / Facebook


I’m at a loss for words. So please, let me settle it to what human language can define. THANK YOU!

Febe Jean’s brother was confined for 6 days at the Perpetual Succour Hospital, a private hospital in Cebu City, central Philippines. The family did not have medical insurance or PhilHealth, but the found help in this kind-hearted doctor.

According to a post on Super Balita Cebu’s Facebook page, Dr. Mujeres did not provide nearly free services to Febe Jean’s brother, she also offered free check-up after he is discharged.

Photo credit: Febe Jean Oporto / Facebook

What a truly wonderful doctor!

Source: Febe Jean Oporto / Facebook