Diabetes Complications You Can Avoid by Seeking Treatment to Control Blood Sugar Levels ASAP

The complications of diabetes mellitus are far less common and less severe in people who have well-controlled blood sugar levels. Broader health problems accelerate the deleterious effects of diabetes. and includes smoking, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, and lack of regular exercise.

Acute Complications of Diabetes

Severely elevated blood sugar levels due to an actual lack of insulin or a relative deficiency of insulin.

Abnormally low blood sugar levels due to too much insulin or other glucose-lowering medications.

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Insulin is vital to patients with type 1 diabetes – they cannot live without a source of exogenous insulin. Without insulin, patients with type 1 diabetes develop severely elevated blood sugar levels which may lead to increased urine glucose, which in turn may lead to excessive loss of fluid and electrolytes in the urine.

Lack of insulin also causes the inability to store fat and protein along with breakdown of existing fat and protein stores. This dysregulation, results in the process of ketosis and the release of ketones into the blood.

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