Determined Dad Seeks Tutorial from Teacher So He Can Teach His Kids at Home

With public schools implementing distance learning across the Philippines, parents become their children’s teachers because schools are closed and kids are not allowed inside for their safety amid the COVID-19 crisis.

But not all parents are actually able to teach their children for a variety of reasons. Many parents don’t have time to do it because of their jobs but others are simply unable to teach the kids because they don’t also understand the lessons. However, they don’t really have a choice because they can’t also send the kids back to the school as face-to-face learning is still prohibited.

Photo credit: DepEd Tayo Abra / Facebook

One dad with kids studying at Bangued West Central School in Bengued, Abra, recently went viral after he went to his children’s class advisers to seek help with the lessons. This determined dad sought tutorial from Ma’am Arlene Furiel and other teachers so he could learn the lessons and later teach his kids at home!

He also asked for understanding from the teachers, sending them a letter to request that the teachers stretch their patience because many busy parents like him are determined to help their own kids but simply can’t do it due to time constraints.

Photo credit: DepEd Tayo Abra / Facebook

To our dear teachers,

As a parent, we are willing to do all the duties and responsibilities that you gave us. We are trying our best to do the task as far as our child to learn specially at times like this. But we are asking for your understanding. The parent’s guide that you gave us is not being followed due to our time. There are necessities that we must do too.

We teach our childrens/child by trying to manage our time. And we hope that we can give more time to our child so that he will learn. We are asking you dear teachers for your understanding. Please extend your patience for us to adjust. Hoping for your consideration maam.

Photo credit: DepEd Tayo Abra / Facebook

His determination earned him praise from Ma’am Arlene as well as other netizens who were touched by what he did instead of complaining about how this school year’s learning system is just an added burden to parents…