Despite Getting Feared by Scared Netizens, Chinese Group Gives Away Free Masks to Pinoys

The Philippines announced its first positive case of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) that started out in Wuhan, China. The woman came from that city and was able to travel to the Philippines via Hong Kong. The 38-year-old Chinese woman visited Cebu and spent several days in Dumaguete City before flying to Manila where she sought medical attention for a mild cough.

Photo credit: Cindy Arcangeles / Facebook

As Pinoy netizens panicked across the country, many fear meeting Chinese people or Chinese-looking people, particularly in closed spaces like elevators, convenience stores, and public transportation. Many Pinoys avoid Chinese people, even the ones wearing masks.

Photo credit: Cindy Arcangeles / Facebook

Despite the discrimination they are facing from Filipinos, a group of Chinese guys in Manila did not mind as they understood why they are being ostracized just for being Chinese. Instead of hating back, they decided to help by giving out free masks to Filipinos! Isn’t that amazing?

Photo credit: Cindy Arcangeles / Facebook

Netizen Cindy Arcangeles shared pictures of the Chinese guys who earned her admiration.

“Kahit binubully at binabash nyo sla tumutulong parin sila in their own ways. Let’s all have unity, wag po tayong maging mapride at mambully. Not all Chinese are the same. Pls spread the good news!!

This may help: Giving free face mask to everyone Lido De Paris Hotel 1036 Ongpin St, Santa Cruz, Manila, 1003 Metro Manila

Pray lang po tayo. Take care each and every one! 🙏🏻

Photo credit: Cindy Arcangeles / Facebook

The post went viral, with many Filipinos apologizing to these Chinese guys for the bad treatment they received from other Pinoys.

Mga Chinese siguro to na lumaki sa pinas, That’s why naaadopt nila yung paggng matulungin. and alam nila kung gaano talaga kahirap ang pinas pagdating sa healthcare,” another netizen suggested.

Photo credit: Cindy Arcangeles / Facebook

Salamat po!

Editor’s Note: The masks are now out of stock as of press time.