Depressed Girl Receives Surprise Treat from Grab after Sending PMs to Share Her Burden

Feeling depressed and having a difficult time with some personal problems, one girl sent messages to Grab to share her burden.

Tracey Rustia was just trying to get the heavy load off her chest, feeling that it was easier to unload this to some random, faceless customer service representative. Yet Grab went above and beyond the call of service to not only chat with her and make her feel better but also sent her a surprise treat to cheer her up!

She shared some photos of the sweet treats from Grab that many netizens truly found awesome as well. Many commented that it was wonderful for Grab to do this to a young lady in need of cheering up – and she did feel so much better afterwards…

On her Facebook account, Tracey shared the heartwarming story:

Flexing this unexpected sweet gesture from Grab PH 💚

These past few weeks have been really rough – literally. But kudos to Grab PH’s customer service for going above and beyond of what they’re capable of.

My anxiety attack went full swing yesterday, and I had a small chat with Grab (for a very personal reason). After their response, I unconsciously told them what I was going through but didn’t expect this in return.

The same night, they delivered all these goodies to my doorstep. Apart from my amazing support system (thank you for listening to my never-ending rants and cries), it dawned to me that losing one person doesn’t mean the end. There is so much love to go around, even if it is from people you barely know.

Thank you, Grab PH 💚 My case may not be a “[email protected]” scenario for me to deserve all these, but it melts my heart. I’m grateful, and may you continue to be a blessing to others as well.

Isn’t that fantastic? Kudos, Grab!

Source: Tracey Rustia / Facebook