Delivery of Free Relief Goods to Upper Class Subdivision Angers Netizens

The delivery of free relief goods to an upper class subdivision has sparked anger, with many netizens calling on these rich people to return the items or give them to the poor! Others are also saying that these rich people should be the ones donating food packs, not receiving them!

It could not be denied that billions of people around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The poorer countries have it worse, particularly because its people could not sustain staying at home for long periods of time as they have no money to buy groceries in bulk.

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

Many don’t even have money to buy basic groceries at all, after losing their jobs!

And while the government and many private individuals or companies stepped in to help provide food packs and other relief goods to affected people, sadly it is not enough. But in this time of difficulties, there’s a question that has sparked a debate among netizens: are the upper class entitled to help, too?

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

There’s already a wide-spread debate over the non-existent aid that the middle class receives from the government since they are told that they have a fridge filled with food to last for weeks and that they have a big, comfortable house! Many in the middle-class believe that everyone is entitled to aid, whether low income or with income.

But photos of relief goods being delivered to an upper class subdivision in Tawau, a town in Sabah, Malaysia, has sparked outrage among netizens, particularly because there are already a lot of poor folks starving!

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

Pls give away for those who really need it… 🤐🤐🤐 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍” wrote Facebook page We are Malaysians as they shared the photos.

The houses in the posh subdivision actually look like mansions and these rich folks probably own at least 2 cars but they still receive free relief packs! The people bringing the donations even seem so proud of their achievement in giving to these rich folks, but many netizens think that such donations should be given to the poor, instead.

But another netizen claimed that this was just fair and that people in big houses need food, too. Moreover, the said netizen explained that the food packs came from a political party, the Tawau division of DAP. Perhaps the political party wanted to give everyone food packs, especially their voters?

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

These are care packages dispatched by YB Jimmy Wong’s team from Sri Tanjung. YB was chosen by the people, it is part of his responsibility to take care of the community. Before this incident, YB’s team went around flats and villages to give out care packs. Just because some of us live in a bigger house, does this mean we do not have the right to receive them?” the netizen said.

For sure, these rich folks with their huge mansions could easily buy months’ worth of expensive groceries without having to worry while paying at the counter! Thus, netizens think that even if these rich people are given the food packs for the sake of being ‘fair’, the poor should still be made the priority for free groceries! What do you think?

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