Delivery Guy Caught on Camera Hurriedly Eating Customer’s Food in Elevator

These days, people can conveniently buy anything they want without leaving the comforts of their home. And by ‘anything’, we really mean anything and everything! You can even real estate, even your own island!

Of course, the most convenient things to buy online are everyday items like clothes, grocery, and food. But how safe is it to buy food and have it delivered to your home?

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Well, such is mostly safe but there are just times when the delivery man might be too hungry to care about ethics and would eat some of your food! That sounds rather crazy but it actually happens.

Photo credit: SCMP

In Sihui, Guangdong Province in China, a delivery man from famous food delivery app Meituan was caught on camera as he hurriedly ate the customer’s food while in an elevator. He probably thought no one would know as he opened the containers to partake of some of the food but the act was caught on the CCTV cameras inside the elevator.

The management shared the video of the delivery man who was later axed from the company after the post went viral.

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A lot of people could not believe that there are delivery men who would do this! But others were concerned that this guy might have been doing this many times but was only caught this once.

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Many also expressed concern that perhaps the guy was really hungry and wasn’t paid enough money to do the job; thus, he thought it was alright to take a portion of the customer’s food. This is wrong, of course, as such could lead to hygiene and safety issues!

Since the post had gone viral, Meituan had axed the guy so he wouldn’t be able to do this again.

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So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery industry. He would be banned from the business. We offer our sincerest apologies. We will then strengthen the discipline and training of the food delivery men in all spots around the nation, and promote the proper sealing of delivery food,” said Meituan’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Xu.

We hope this would never happen again…

Source: SCMP