Dedicated GrabFood Rider Collapses on the Road, Insists on Completing Delivery

A dedicated GrabFood rider has gone viral after insisting on completing the delivery despite collapsing on the road!

The said rider was not identified by the kindhearted guy who helped him out, but this happened somewhere in Singapore. According to Kelvin Tay, he had just dropped his son in school when he spotted a GrabFood rider looking rather ill at an intersection.

They were both waiting for the light to turn green, the other guy seemed to be swaying a bit on his motorcycle which was in front of Kelvin’s car. Kelvin snapped some photos but didn’t expect that the rider would collapse a few seconds later!

Photo credit: Kelvin Tay / Facebook

Kelvin rushed to help the rider, knowing that he would be in bigger danger on the road. The rider kept saying that his stomach is aching. He also looked quite pale.

The Good Samaritan brought him to the sidewalk to rest. Kelvin learned that the guy was still on his way to make a delivery but had not been feeling well for some hours already.

Fearing for his safety, Kelvin encouraged the guy to just go home, but despite being sick, he still insisted on completing the delivery. That’s dedication, for sure. Yet others also pointed out that the probably did that because he had already used his money for the order. He could only get it back, plus the delivery fee he earned, if he completes the order.

Photo credit: Kelvin Tay / Facebook

Objective of this msg is to share the hard work of Bros and Sis doing delivery… Times like this is not easy. Sometimes if they are slightly late, its definitely not intentional. I hope Singaporeans will have more empathy towards them, especially times like now when delivery is on a rise,” Kelvin wrote.

Coming from delivery background myself, I know and understand how tough it can be. But always remember… Health comes 1st. If really feeling unwell, take the day to rest and nurse your health back. Hopefully this young man will recover soon and be back on his delivery route again…..

Because the younger man refuses to go straight home, Kelvin decided to escort him to the customer’s house before also escorting him home to make sure he is alright!

While many netizens called this delivery rider as a dedicated worker, many also praised Kelvin’s kindness as he went out of the way to make sure the rider is alright and gets safely home… Salute to you both!