Daughter of OFW Becomes First Filipino to Be Elected as Mayor in England

She made history in 2015 after becoming the first Filipino to be elected as councilor in the United Kingdom, but Cynthia Alcantara Barker didn’t stop there as she eventually became the Mayor of Hertsmere! This feat also makes her the first Filipino to be elected as mayor in England.

Before that, she also held the record as the first Filipino to be the Deputy Mayor when she was elected to that position in 2019.

Photo credit: Filipina Summit

Ang aking pagkakaupo bilang isang mayor dito sa UK ay katunayan na tinatanggap at kinikilala ang mga Pilipino sa bansang Inglatera,” the mayor said.

While many might think that she was born and raised in England, Mayor Cynthia actually grew up in the Philippines. She lived with her family in San Pablo City, Laguna while enjoying support from her mom, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in the UK.

Mayor Cynthia earned her degree in Industrial Engineering at Adamson University in Manila before she migrated to the UK with the help of her OFW mom.

Photo credit: Manila Up Magazine

Before going viral for becoming the first Filipino to be elected as mayor in England, she had also impressed the Pinoy community as she oversees the British version of Hollywood. Back when she was still councilor, her jurisdiction covers Elstree town and Borehamwood borough where the studio is located.

The Elstree and Borehamwood Film Studios in Hertfordshire is considered to be the Hollywood of the United Kingdom.

Photo credit: Manila Up Magazine

I always visit Elstree and Borehamwood Studios as much as I could to see what’s happening there from a day-to-day basis. I am exercising my responsibilities over the studios as councilor,” she explained.

Pinoys love that, of course! But the Pinoy community is more proud that someone like her is making a name for herself and representing Filipinos in the United Kingdom.

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Magandang balita naman sa panahon ng lockdown! Nahalal na mayor ng Hertsmere local government si Cynthia Barker nitong Hunyo 24, 2020 matapos ang kanyang termino bilang deputy mayor. Si Barker ang unang Pinay na mayora sa U.K. #TFCNews

Posted by Balitang Global on Friday, July 10, 2020