Daughter of Courier Rider Receives Free Blackpink Merch from Kind Shop Owner

Her courier rider dad was only trying to get her Blackpink’s “THE ALBUM” from the shop he often makes deliveries from, but one girl is lucky to receive free merch from the kind shop owner for her 15th birthday!

7for7Shoppe owner Aly shares the sweet story of how she and her co-owners got the girl the merchandise for free, plus other items for her birthday.

Photo credit: 7for7Shoppe / Twitter

ABest Express rider Ralph Paul De Leon is a ‘suki’ courier rider at their shop. One day, he messaged the shop to ask whether they sell Blackpink’s “THE ALBUM” because it was something that his daughter wanted to get for her 15th birthday.

Photo credit: 7for7Shoppe / Twitter

Aly explained that the shop she owns with friends Gab and Ianna, 7for7Shoppe, that the courier rider messaged does not sell this merch but she also co-owns another shop, BananaMilk PH, with friends Jona and Mitche. This other shop sells the item that the courier rider’s daughter Yawina wanted.

After learning that Yawina is a big Blackpink fan and this would be her first merch, Aly decided to just give the item to the courier rider’s daughter as birthday gift.

Photo credit: 7for7Shoppe / Twitter

…I think na albums are expensive talaga. It’s not for all kumbaga. So sa ‘kin parang instead of selling it, why not just give it instead. Kasi po birthday din naman ng one (GOT7) member nung day na ‘yun (Tito Jaebeom 😂), so celebration na rin po sana,” Aly explained.

We are fans too kaya alam namin the happiness it could give to someone. And cute kasi talaga ng dad, ang supportive.

The girl was so excited that she could barely sleep after learning that the shop will give her the merch for free! So lucky, huh?

Photo credit: 7for7Shoppe / Twitter

Kudos to this shop owner for giving the birthday gift to their suki courier rider’s daughter. Not only did they provide her with Blackpink’s “THE ALBUM”, they also got her a poster and some unofficial photo cards of the girl group.