Dashcam Captures Moment of Accident Caused By Plastic Road Dividers

Plastic road dividers are placed strategically so that motorists would be told to stay in certain lanes, either to prevent sudden swerving or to redirect incoming traffic. This can make the different between going home safely or getting into a road accident. Unfortunately for one rider, the same divider made to protect him gave him quite the hassle.

Facebook user Jappy Lim’s dashcam captured the moment. His caption mentioned that the area was around White Plains Avenue. The road dividers that are usually placed at the middle of the road are stacked to the side and are empty. Being empty, they are very light and a strong gust of wind can carry them. Some of them were neatly put along the sidewalk, but there were a few that were stacked one on top of the other unevenly. Possibly due to wind, one of them fell over and landed on the road.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle rider was just in front of it when it fell. He tried to react but it was too late. The motorcycle’s front wheel clipped it, which caused him to lose his balance and he hit the ground hard.

Jappy stopped his vehicle and he tried to assist the rider. There is no audio from the dashcam but they talked about what happened and they both pointed at the road divider. The rider looked like he sprained his right leg from the bad fall. Jappy mentioned in the comments section that he offered medical help but the rider said he was okay and was just shaken up.

The motorcycle was not the only thing that was affected by the fall. It was carrying a printer and a few bottles of printer ink. The printer smashed onto the ground when the rider fell over.

Near the end of the video, another rider stopped by and helped them move the motorcycle to the side of the road.

In the video’s caption, Jappy wants to call out the people responsible for moving the road dividers that caused the accident and that the ones that are responsible for such road hazards should be held liable for any accidents that it can cause.

You can watch Jappy’s video here:

This happened yesterday along White Plains Ave. Orange road dividers were haphazardly stacked on the sidewalk. When one fell onto the road, it clipped a passing motorbike, causing the rider to fall and damaging not only his ride but also his cargo. He was carrying a computer printer and several bottles of printer ink.Whoever was responsible for stacking those dividers should be held liable, and ideally they should compensate this rider for all damages. And it's not only this incident, but several others such as poorly-made roads full of potholes and road hazards that lack proper warnings or signages… when these cause accidents, the aggrieved should be legally allowed to file suit against the negligent parties. In addition, such suits should come at the least possible inconvenience to the complainants; in fact, the only persons who should bear any inconvenience at all are the ones who caused these to happen in the first place.

Posted by Jappy Lim on Saturday, March 16, 2019