Dad Offers Php10k if Daughter Reaches Weight Loss Goal in 5 Months

It is really so hard to lose weight, everyone knows that; however, being overweight is also not a good thing. That’s why one dad decided to offer a reward of Php10k if his daughter reaches her weight goal in 5 months. Cool, isn’t it?

Every year, people make goals to lose weight every New Year’s Eve; yet this often remains a resolution and not something that they can actually achieve anytime of the year. So, the New Year’s resolution gets recycled year after year.

Photo credit: Jeric Paulo De Jesus / Facebook

But those who actually lose weight would say that motivation is the key. Finding the right motivation is the most important step in achieving your weight goals!

For Jeric Paulo De Jesus, what better motivation to make his daughter Jelaine Paola De Jesus lose weight than to dangle a prize of Php10,000 if she achieves her weight goals! Seeing that there are too many young people who are experiencing health problems secondary to weight issues, this dad decided to convince his daughter to lose weight through this reward program.

See you in 5 months baboom 🤣🤣🤣. Mapapasayo kaya ang 10k?? Abangan!!!!” Jeric wrote on his Facebook account, sharing a photo of his young daughter.

Photo credit: Jeric Paulo De Jesus / Facebook

Based on the Agreement they drew up, Jelaine is currently 69kg but has to be 50kg at the end of 5 months.

The post has gone viral, with many people wishing that someone would also offer them the same amount to lose weight so they can also feel motivated to finally achieve their weight loss goals after all these years!

Some of the family’s friends and even netizens commented that they also wished to join the challenge. LOL. Would you accept this weight loss challenge if someone offered it to you? Definitely!

Photo credit: Jeric Paulo De Jesus / Facebook

Good luck, Jelaine!