Dad Lets Son Drop Out from High School So He Can Be a Professional Fortnite Player

For most parents, education is the most important treasure that they could ever give to their children. It is the main reason why parents would do everything and anything they can to put their children in the best schools they could afford, helping them prepare for a brighter future.

Since gaming is often considered merely as a pastime activity, most parents would encourage their children to focus on their education while discouraging them from spending a lot of time playing computer or mobile games!

Photo credit: Gold Coast Bulletin

But one dad, Matt Mackechnie, in Australia recently went viral for letting his son drop out from high school so he could focus more in his career as a budding professional Fortnite player! While Fortnite might just be a game, it has also become a real-life career to many gamers.

For Daddy Matt, now is the best opportunity for his son 17-year-old Alex Mackechnie to reach for his dreams in the e-sports profession. He believes that the best way he could help his son is to let him drop out from high school so he can focus on his game! Do you agree with that?

Photo credit: Gold Coast Bulletin

Faced with criticism for his decision, Daddy Matt admitted that he wasn’t always so supportive of gaming.

We have always been very strict on screens. We wanted him to focus on his studies during the week so we made sure he was only gaming on the weekends. It wasn’t until last year we thought, ‘Wow, this is serious.’ We thought, ‘How would you support your child if they were a top swimmer and the Olympics was that year?’” he explained.

You would do everything you can to support them. E-sports is no different, so we are using this year as a gap year for Alex (to compete).

This train of thought came after Alex missed the Fortnite World Cup last year by just one place! Had he made it to the World Cup, he could have been among the players who shared the prize pool worth $30 million.

So, Daddy Matt now allows Alex to play 6 hours a day so he could train for the next Fortnite World Cup. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be able to make it this time.

Photo credit: Gold Coast Bulletin

He also revealed that even now, Alex already earns much more than what he receives at his job because the teen joins international competitions. Surely, he could earn much more as he develops his skills.

Despite now focusing on his gaming career, Alex still plans to complete his college education and hopes to study business in the future.