Dad Goes Viral for Letting Young Daughters Use Him as Model to Show Off Makeup Skills

Makeup is something associated with girls and ladies – definitely not with men! But one dad recently went viral after letting his young daughters use him as model to show off their makeup skills. Cute.

Brad Cubbie of Dayton, Ohio, explained that while he and his wife were out shopping for gifts, they found some makeup kits for kids. Although he did not want to buy the makeup kits, insisting that their daughters are still young, his wife managed to convince him to purchase the items because these are just “for fun”.

Photo credit: Brad Cubbie / Twitter

But when their arrived home, the kids had their own version of “fun” as they decided that daddy should be their model to show off their makeup skills! Mom Amber Burns is the stylish one in the family, but the girls preferred dad as their model. Perhaps mom is the judge?

After opening their gifts, 10-year-old Khloe and 6-year-old Braleigh convinced their dad to be their model. The supportive dad really had no choice because the little ladies are bent on making their dad look pretty! LOL.

Welp… my daughters got make up for Christmas,” Brad wrote in a post with an upside-down emoji.

Photo credit: Brad Cubbie / Twitter

Brad’s post quickly went viral, with many other dads sharing their photos and videos of how their manly looks were beautified by their own princesses. Some dads called it a “rite of passage to being a full-fledged dad”. LOL.

Brad, welcome to the club!” one dad laughingly commented with laughing emojis.

Later, the proud dad shared a video with one of his favorite makeup artists, his youngest girl Braleigh.

Meet yo favorite artist future MUA🎨‼️” he happily captioned the post. Check this out:

Do you think dad looks so cute now? LOL