Dad Copies Daughter’s Itsy Bitsy Shorts, Says He’d Wear These to Pick Her Up from School

Itsy bitsy shorts are the “in” thing in fashion for young ladies these days; but a lot of parents disapprove of the short shorts. Of course, many of them could not stop their daughters from buying and wearing these rather small shorts because it’s really so easy for these young ladies to simply wear the item once they are out of the house.

The girls often argue that the shorts are not really ‘that short’. Besides, everyone is wearing them, anyway!

Well, one dad who got tired of repeatedly telling his daughter not to wear short shorts found a way to finally get her to stop doing that – by copying her choice of fashion! Oooooops.

Jason Hilley had been telling his 14-year-old daughter Kendall to wear longer shorts, yet she kept choosing the very short ones. He even let her buy some new ones, but she ended up still buying the itsy bitsy ones.

One day, when Kendall asked permission to go out with friends and Jason saw her wearing the shorts again, he had the brilliant idea to copy her style. With the help of 8-year-old Walker, Jason cut a pair of old pants and wore them.

Photo credit: Jason Hilley / Facebook

Then, he rolled up the cut portions to make the shorts much shorter than Kendall’s. With wife Alison taking a video for laughs, Jason went to daughter’s room for a ‘showdown’. LOL.

The short shorts on Jason was so hilarious that even though she looked rather embarrassed, Kendall could not help but laugh at her dad’s antics.

Photo credit: Jason Hilley / Facebook

Jason told her that he would wear these shorts to pick her up from school. Mortified would be the right word to use as the young girl could not believe her dad was wearing a pair of itsy bitsy shorts like hers – and wear that to school! LOL.

These aren’t even short!” she tried to defend her shorts.

Nooooo! Neither are mine!” Dad immediately replied. LOL.

Needless to say, Kendall decided that longer shorts are best to use these days. After all, who wants to have their dad parading in school in those itsy bitsy shorts, huh?

Watch the hilarious video here:

Posted by Jason Hilley on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

But it seems that instead of her schoolmates, the whole world became audience to her dad’s hilarious fashion choice. A lot of people admired him for the brilliant idea, saying they would probably do this to stop their own daughters from wearing short shorts and similar clothing items.

However, not everyone agrees. Many netizens said that this dad crossed the line and didn’t respect his daughter’s right to self-expression.

At first, Jason and Alison deleted such comments but as thousands poured in, they decided to simply ignore them. They believe they did the right thing and that they would still not allow Kendall to wear those tiny shorts, whether for self-expression or not!