Cute Dog Wears School Uniform, ‘Attends’ Owner’s Online Classes

Do you also dress up your dogs at home or when you bring them out for a walk? Well, some human parents do that to their furbabies – and the results are usually so cute!

Take for example a dog named Camila who recently went viral for her cute photos while wearing a school uniform as if she’s attending classes like real human kids. LOL.

Photo credit: Lizeth Orbigoso Saludar / Facebook

In the photos shared by Lizeth Orbigoso Saludar, their dog appears to enjoy her ‘online classes’ as she ‘reads’ the learning modules provided by her teacher. Many netizens think that it is cute of Camila to pose as if she is trying to read and study these printed learning modules.

Do you think Camila is going to pass her studies this year? LOL.

Photo credit: Lizeth Orbigoso Saludar / Facebook

Ambait naman ng baby ko ☺️ sipag magpanggap 😆,” Lizeth explained as she shared the pictures of cute Camila ‘studying’ her lessons.

“Timing po kase na nakadamit sya ng pang school saka start na rin po ng blended learning. Para kunware mag aaral din po siya… Pampa good vibes lang.”

Photo credit: Lizeth Orbigoso Saludar / Facebook

In the series of photos, Lizeth made hilarious captions about Camila’s antics. Yet many netizens could relate as these are the exact things they say or experience with the students they have at home. LOL.

Imbis na magsulat yung car sa newspaper yung inaatupag 😌,” Lizeth wrote in one photo.

She added in another, “Wag ka nang mag panggap! Haha.

Photo credit: Lizeth Orbigoso Saludar / Facebook

The adorable photos went viral, with netizens saying that Camila is so cute. Many also admired her school uniform costume, saying that this family is really taking care of her.

Responding to observations that the dog is tied up, Lizeth explained that they only do this to prevent Camila from roaming in the neighborhood because they were afraid that she might get lost. But when she is inside the house, they let Camila run free.