Cute 6-Year-Old Kid Uses Birthday Money to Buy Gold Ring for Mom

A lot of kids will choose to buy toys if someone gives them money. A few would opt to save the money. But one boy in Malaysia recently melted hearts after choosing to buy a gold ring for his mom using his birthday money! Isn’t that so sweet?

Proud mom Sumarnie Edison from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Malaysia shared the sweet story on her Facebook page after her son, Afiq, bought her a gold ring from the money he received for his birthday.

Photo credit: Sumarnie Edison / Facebook

According to Sumarnie, her son Afiq had recently turned 6 years old. For his birthday, the young boy received RM5 (around Php60). Together with his father and brother, Afiq went to the barber shop while his mom was left at home.

While waiting for his turn at the barber shop, Afiq spotted the jewelry shop just across the street. Knowing that he has some money, though he doesn’t have a concept yet of its value, the kid decided to use it for buying a gold ring for his mother!

Photo credit: Sumarnie Edison / Facebook

Afiq persuaded his dad to help him buy a ring for his mother, not knowing that his RM5 isn’t enough. Seeing how determined the sweet boy is to get a gift for his mom instead of buying a toy for himself, his dad relented.

His dad told him that they had a budget of just RM300 (Php3,500) for the gift – and the boy picked something worth RM260 (Php3,050).

The boy happily counted their money, offering his entire savings to fund the gift as well. In total, his dad shelled out just RM70 (Php825) for the gift; everything else was from Afiq’s money.

Photo credit: Sumarnie Edison / Facebook

Sumarnie’s husband sent her some photos of Afiq picking the surprise gift but told her to pretend she didn’t know about it.

Needless to say, Afiq was so excited to give his surprise gift for his mother – and was so proud that he used his own money, well most of it, to buy it!

Photo credit: Sumarnie Edison / Facebook

What a truly sweet kid…