Customer Rants On the Label “Bakla” in The Receipt Given to Them

For the longest time, members of the LGBTQ community has not been easily accepted in the Philippines. Some were shunned and discriminated but slowly and surely, they are now accepted and celebrated. It is unfortunate to know that there may still be some that has a different opinion for them.

Facebook user Kayecie Correa Sia shared her experience in a post regarding how they were treated and labeled when they ate at a certain eatery.

From Kayecie’s post, they were able to order and talk properly with the restaurant staff, and their food was properly served to them, too. But once they got their receipt, there was a label on it that they didn’t appreciate.

At the top of the receipt, the label “LABAS” was written, which may have indicated that their table may be situated outside the restaurant proper, but another label was what caught her attention.

Written in parenthesis, the word “BAKLA” was written on it. “Bakla” is the word generally used to describe gay people in the Philippines. Kayecie was having none of it.

In her post, she said the restaurant staff had enough time to at least ask for their name but instead the word in question was written on it. She said she doesn’t appreciate the way they labeled the receipt and that some of them were laughing while they were placing their orders.

Kayecie went on to say that she can’t believe that there are still people who doesn’t accept those of different genders and that they could have written any other word on the receipt or at least ask for their name but they chose the word “bakla.” She also went on to wonder if the people at the restaurant knows of any other people of a different gender and if they treat them the same way.

You can read Kayecie’s post here:

Hindi ko alam bakit may mga kainan na ganto sa pinas . Umordee k naman ng naayos nakipag usap naman s knla ng maayos…

Posted by Kayecie Correa Sia on Saturday, June 8, 2019