Customer Cancels Php7k-Order after Angkas Delivery Rider Spent a Long Time Lining Up

To avoid the spread of coronavirus, stores and various establishments, even including transport options, are implementing social distancing and other measures. This leads to a slower service and people have to wait a much longer time, sometimes under the heat of the sun.

But an impatient customer has angered netizens for canceling the order worth Php7k after an Angkas rider had already spent a long time lining up to buy her order!

Photo credit: Shiela Tibay / Facebook

According to a certain Shiela Tibay in a post shared by Pilipinas Trending Viral, the Angkas rider identified as ‘Kuya Aldwin’ had patiently lined up to buy the customer’s order which was worth over Php7k. It took him a very long time to gather the order, but he did not give up. The customer needed the items and he was willing to wait.

Photo credit: Shiela Tibay / Facebook

But after the order was done and Kuya Aldwin headed out to deliver the items, he was dismayed when the customer suddenly canceled the order! What’s worse, he was unable to have the items refunded. For some reason, the Mercury Drug store did not refund this order.

Thus, the Angkas rider had no choice but to go home and bring the order to his family – but most of the medicines and stuff the customer had ordered were of no use to them.

Photo credit: Shiela Tibay / Facebook

The canceled order angered a lot of netizens who said that there should really be a system that these companies should use to make the customers pay first so they won’t cancel the order after the rider had already paid for the items out of his own pocket!

Shiela wrote:

Photo credit: Shiela Tibay / Facebook

“Sya po si Kuya Aldwin, angkas/grab rider may umorder daw po sa kanya na worth 7k tapos kinancel lang po ng costumer.

Nagtyaga si kuya na pumila ng mahaba at matagal tapos hindi pa maibabalik yung puhunan nya, wala na tuloy sya pang byahe, luging lugi si kuya hindi na pwede ibalik sa drugstore yung nabili nya.

Kawawa naman.. para sa pamilya pa naman nya yung puhunan nya tapos lockdown na nga… Naghahanap buhay ng marangal tapos pinagtripan lang ng walang kunsensya. Paki Share na lang po para matulungan natin sya na maibalik ang puhunan nya at makasuhan ang costumer…”