Customer Angry at GrabFood Rider for ‘Silent Calls’, Discovers He is Deaf-Mute

A customer was furious at the GrabFood rider for being really late and for making ‘silent calls’; but her anger turned to guilt after realizing that she did not read the many messages he sent – and that he is actually deaf-mute!

Malaysian book author Bonda Nor had ordered breakfast but was soon feeling angry because the rider was so late. She was used to riders calling her to ask for directions, but she kept getting ‘silent calls’ wherein the person on the other line refused to talk at all.

Photo credit: Bonda Nor

Earlier, I was craving Yong Tau Fu. I quickly ordered on GrabFood. I followed the system, there was a rider assigned and the food was supposed to arrive at 6.15pm but until 6.45pm, the food still had not arrived. I grew angry as I don’t like opening the house door when it’s nearing Maghrib,” she explained.

In between 6.15pm to 6.45pm, I received many calls from the same number. I’m used to not picking up phone calls from unknown numbers but because I’m waiting for the GrabFood rider to arrive, I picked them up as I was worried he couldn’t find my house.

Photo credit: Bonda Nor

Naturally, she got angry and thought that the rider was pranking her with the ‘silent calls’.

Pick up, silence. Five minutes later, he called again. I picked up, silence. This happened many times. I grew angrier. Are they playing around?

It was nearly an hour later when she thought of checking the app’s messaging feature. It was then that she discovered how the rider had been trying so hard to find her house. He explained that he is deaf-mute and couldn’t make calls, but he still tried to call her many times to get her attention.

Photo credit: Bonda Nor

Photo credit: Bonda Nor

It was past 7pm, and it hit me to check the messages on the Grab application. Ya Allah, I immediately started crying. It turns out the rider is deaf and has a speech disability. It turns out that he messaged me many times, asking for my location. But I didn’t check the inbox, I didn’t read it, I didn’t know the circumstances,” Bonda wrote.

For almost an hour, he was riding around in circles looking for my location to send me the food I was craving. The skies had grown dark and he still didn’t know where to send the order. But, he still waited around and tried.

Feeling guilty that she got angry at the guy, she added a tip worth RM10 ($2.50 or Php120), the highest option possible on the app. She explained that the delivery fee was just RM3 ($0.75 or Php35), yet the rider still tried his best to find her house even if he spent nearly an hour with the delivery.

Photo credit: Bonda Nor

After the story went viral, Bonda decided to give the rider an additional reward for what he did. She soon learned that the rider’s name is Rizuam – and she gave him a reward of RM5,000 ($1,225 or Php60,000)! Wow.