12 Creepy Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. #8 Will Probably Get Me Sick

Most people have a thing for enticing and heartwarming pictures. Who wouldn’t want to look at sweet, auspicious photos of mankind saving the world or nature’s breathtaking beauty that leave a smile on our faces? I assume everyone does. But also looking at photographs that give our soul a little shiver can actually make us appreciate life’s beauty a little bit more. And I guess it’s healthy to feel scared and anxious sometimes. Or did I guess it wrong?

Photo Credit: Izismile
Photo Credit: Izismile

Don’t even blink.. they’re all staring at you!

And because good photographers don’t only take ‘beautiful and inspiring’ pictures, here are 12 photos that are so creepy you wouldn’t want to see them before going to sleep.
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